Sign Sense Consultants Ltd. provides a full survey, design-and-build service to local authorities and civil engineers seeking expert advice and creativity on the highway. Whether it be strategic route signing, direction sign design, casualty reduction schemes, speed limits, on-street parking schemes or cycle routes, we have the expertise to provide what our clients need: well-designed, sensible, affordable and buildable traffic sign and road marking schemes that meet the requirements of the Traffic Signs Manual and TSRGD.

Traffic Orders and the signage and road markings that go with them can be a headache for local authority engineers -- rest assured that once the order is given the go ahead you can leave the design and implementation of the critical part -- the signs and lines -- to Sign Sense. We have a good deal of experience in implementing Controlled Parking Zones and Speed Limits and once you have decided what restrictions go where, you can leave the rest to us with a guarantee of economy and enforceability combined with as little as possible environmental impact.

Alongside this we are happy to carry out condition surveys and audits of your existing signs and other street furniture and provide detailed design proposals to help you upgrade, rationalise, de-clutter and reduce your carbon footprint.

The company draws on 30 years' experience in sign manufacture, sales and contract management involving the design and installation of all types of traffic sign schemes for local authorities, term maintenance partnerships and civil engineering contractors.

We have a number of specialist associates and subcontractors who enable us to offer a very wide range of services.

Current Clients:
ZSL Whipsnade Zoo;
JPCS Signs Ltd;
JHE Ltd;
The Chilterns Conservation Board;
Ringway Jacobs (Bucks).

Recently Completed Schemes:
Inspection and testing of motorway signage M6 Junctions 27 to 28 for Walker Sign and Street Furniture Erectors Ltd
Bicester Town Council Twinning Signs for JHE Ltd;
Lambourne Golf Club (Burnham) direction sign review for Ringway Signs Ltd;
A41 Aston Clinton Recycling Centre direction signs Phase 2 for Transport for Buckinghamshire;
M25 Junctions 16-18 Improvement Scheme Signboards construction drawings for Ringway Signs Ltd;
Jet Way Cycle Route, Aylesbury for Buckinghamshire County Council;
A418 Wing Cycle Route for Buckinghamshire County Council;
Improvements to the Gemstone Cycle Routes, Aylesbury for Buckinghamshire County Council;
Latimer Road Chesham sign review for Buckinghamshire County Council;
B4100 Adderbury Speed Limit extension & consolidation for Oxfordshire Highways;
B482 Lane End to Clay Lane sign review for Buckinghamshire County Council;
Crookham Hill Area Weight Limit for West Berkshire Council;
North Summertown Controlled Parking Zone for Oxfordshire Highways;
'Cycle Aylesbury' Gemstone Cycle Routes for Buckinghamshire County Council;
Oxford to Evesham Lorry Route Direction Signing for Oxfordshire Highways;
Warwick, Leamington and Kenilworth Residents Parking Zones for Warwickshire County Council;
2007 50mph Speed Limit Programme (7 schemes) for Oxfordshire Highways;
Oxford City Controlled Parking Zones - review of boundary signing for Oxfordshire Highways;
2007 Oxfordshire Surface Dressing Progamme Road Marking Survey (part) for Isis Accord;
Marston South Controlled Parking Zone, Oxford for Oxfordshire Highways;
South Oxfordshire Micro Asphalt Resurfacing Programme Road Marking Survey for Isis Accord;
'The Lakes & Northway' Minimum Impact Restricted Parking Zone for Oxfordshire Highways;
Headington North East Controlled Parking Zone for Oxfordshire Highways;
Rugby Residents Parking Zone for Warwickshire County Council;

M40, Brackley Sign


GR PHO sign

Speed Camera with Repeater

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