Dave Catling

Dave Catling's career in Traffic Signs began in 1975 when he became a full-time sign erector for a small subcontractor installing traffic signs and street furniture all over the UK. This role lasted for 4 years after which he was offered a contract manager's position at The Royal Label Factory, Traffic Sign Engineers, in Chipping Norton.

Royal Label worked for construction companies all over the UK as well as for a large number of local authorities, often on what was later to be known as a 'design and build' or 'walk and talk' basis. Dave has continued that tradition in his subsequent roles. He first learned to design traffic signs in 1980 - in those days with a pencil, ruler and stencils, then in 1987 moved onto the 'AutoSign' design package (now KeySIGN) which he has been using ever since.

Dave left RLF in late 1998 and has continued to work in a design & management role with Oxfordshire County Council Commercial Services, Isis Accord, Ringway Signs Ltd & Route Signs Ltd.

Alongside his freelance work Dave delivers a number of courses and presentations to highway authority audiences, including the popular one-hour presentations ‘Common Sense on the Highway' and ‘Information Overload (The Art of Clutter)’. His current activities include membership of the National Highways Sector Scheme 8, 9B & 10 Advisory Commitee, Registration Board and Training Group. He is a trained Sector Scheme Authorising Officer and ECS Invigilator and has provided specialist course notes for the sector scheme. He also has training and considerable experience in EFQM assessment and internal auditing. He holds IOSSH Managing Safely and Lantra Awards Instructional Techniques Certificates.

After 30 years busily designing and installing furniture on the highway, Dave is now a confirmed 'de-clutterer' with an irreverent, not to say sceptical view of the rationale behind many of the requirements imposed on modern-day traffic engineers. Amongst other things his mission is to see the UK rid of yellow lines, yellow backing boards, most types of cycling signs and sign illumination.

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